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Lifetime Injection Mold Tool Warranty.
REVA Plastics, steel injection molds are guaranteed for the lifetime of the project. REVA Plastics will maintain, adjust, repair or replace molds for the life of the project. Lifetime mold warranty is valid only when REVA or its appointed suppliers are in possession of molds. Warranty is void if molds are removed from REVA facilities or its appointed suppliers facilities for any reason, unless prior agreement has been submitted to REVA in writing and approved by REVA.

Injection mold insert cavities, insert cores, slide faces, hand-load inserts and part specific elements of the ejection system are considered property of Buyer. Mold base, pocketed molding plates, support plates, guide pins, sprue, bushings, internal plumbing and injection related components are considered property of REVA.

Mold inserts and/or Mold components that are considered property of Buyer are available at any time to Buyer, given that financial obligations have been satisfied. These components are available for pickup or delivery at Buyer's discretion and at Buyer's expense. A request in writing is required for the release of components to either Buyer or specified Buyer agent.

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